Sale Carefresh Confetti Litter 23liter - B0024EEGUA

Carefresh Confetti Litter 23liter - B0024EEGUA

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  • Cleaner, more cozy, more comfortable environment

  • Biodegradable, flushable (in small quantities)

  • Contains no pine or cedar oils

  • It appears that this item when compressed is 25.7 liters but when it expands, it becomes 50 liter

  • Carefresh colors is the safe, healthy and fun bedding for you and your pet. It's fun to use carefresh colors to create a theme in the cage, color coordinate with your room or liven up your pet's living space. Use as the sole bedding in the pet enclosure or make fun, colorful corners for your pet to nest and burrow in. Carefresh colors is dyed using the same materials used in homes around the world for over 40 years. Under normal conditions the colors won't bleed so pets, cages and clothing should not be stained. Under certain conditions cotton fabrics may be discolored if exposed to wet bedding. The colors are non-toxic to you and your pet. Carefresh colors suppress ammonia formation twice as long as wood shavings or corn cob bedding, just like original carefresh and carefresh ultra. Your home and your pet's living quarters stay fresher smelling longer.

    Carefresh Confetti Litter 23liter - B0024EEGUA

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